Visiting the Aurora Sky Station in Abisko using a Northern Your lights Trip

Located inside the cardiovascular system of Abisko Nationwide Park in Swedish Lapland, the Aurora Sky Station and its surrounding places are entire world renowned because the final vacation spot for the Northern Lighting trip. The prime time for you to visit is through the aurora season, in between the months of December and March, as soon as the pitch-black skies make the fantastic backdrop for seeing the aurora borealis.
Why Here?
The Sky Station is the globe’s premier destination for the Northern Signals trip mainly because Abisko advantages from these types of a fortunate geographic spot, unparalleled wherever else on Earth. The prevailing wind patterns with this little village (located 250 kilometres inside the Arctic Circle) push clouds out, leaving the skies persistently clear via most in the calendar year. Like a outcome, amazing sightings can occur on pretty much just about every night of your Northern Lighting trip in the aurora season. Furthermore, Abisko suffers small to no mild pollution due to the fact it can be nestled so significantly up within the mountains.
About the Station
An knowledge with the Sky Station in Abisko will depart you pondering exactly where the globe ends and also the heavens get started. The picturesque attractiveness from the signals, particularly when used in amidst the stillness of your star-studded evening, is usually a really humbling experience. The station has an exceptional patio, which can make the prefect vantage for sky gazing in convenience. Inside, you can hold warm by a organic log fireplace and appear out for that aurora borealis by means of enormous glass windows supplying panoramic views from the landscape. There is also restaurant, the place you are able to love a glass of wine alongside a 3-program meal. For one thing a bit far more interactive and informative, you may explore the tiny but instructional aurora exhibition, which explains the research behind Planet’s greatest normal phenomenon.
Above all though, don’t overlook to dress appropriately on your Northern Signals trip. You will want to produce certain you’ve got additional warm clothes, which includes exclusive arctic thermal overalls and boots, to defend you from the Arctic environment, in particular provided the actual fact that you simply could be outside watching the auroras for lengthy intervals.
In the UK, you can you can fly to Stockholm in 2.5 hrs, then another 1.45 hrs to Kiruna. To attain Abisko from Kiruna is one more 1 scenic hour by ground transportation. This is the fastest route to attain the sky station and also the journey is not any hardship – with a lot to determine together the way.
By far the most preferred accommodation selections when organizing a pay a visit to to Abisko are possibly the original (and fabulous) Ice Lodge in Kiruna or the Mountain Lodge close to the sky station.